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Saevus Wildlife India LLP
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  • Testimonials - Students

    ​Aarjo Banerjee
    ​National Rank 1. 6th Grade. Mumbai.
    ​Children academy school

    ​SAVEUS Eco Achievers is a wonderful platform for all schoolchildren. It spreads awareness about the importance of nature and its wildlife for the existence of our planet Earth. The Eco Achievers Quiz and Olympiad is one of the best held transparent and honest competition in the country. Keep up the excellent work.


    Shaurya Gupta
    Senior Category

    Each moment in our schedule in the camp was packed with learning. During the morning Nature Trail, we walked at par with the biota and discerned and followed tracks of a leopard, a porcupine, held a fallen spike of probably the same porcupine, learnt about the menace called cuscuta and more. The Tiger Warrior Camp has given me treasurable memories and I will always look back to it as a landmark in my life, which it was.


    Tanvi Balaji
    Senior Category

    The three days which I spent at Ranthambhore Tiger Reserve, will be unforgettable for me.I met new people, made new friends and came to know so many interesting and unknown things. But the best part for me was meeting the ex-poachers of that region and talking to them and their children, about how and why they take up poaching as a profession. I was very happy after talking to their children as after speaking to them, I realised they have so much awareness and are strongly against poaching.


    Arti Singhal
    Intermediate Category

    This November heralds  into my life a new awareness towards  conservation, a deeper concern for wildlife and a burst of enthusiasm following  my success at 'SAEVUS Earn Your Stripes Competition.' My experience in the competition has made me confident about participating and strengthened my passion for conservation. I am proud to have earned my stripes and thanks to SAEVUS for giving me this wonderful opportunity.


    Sominee Gupta
    Senior Category

    There are certain moments in your life when you feel like you are on eleventh cloud. This trip has given me plenty of such moments. The tigress I saw during the safari was easily the most beautiful creature I'd ever laid my eyes on. Apart from that, the questions asked, the answers given. the food, the competitions, the interview, the short talks, the lessons, in short, everything will remain in my heart forever. I thank Saevus for adding another chapter to my life, an important one.