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Saevus Wildlife India LLP
Contact: for general, gallery membership related and magazine related queries and for school programme related queries.

  • Testimonials - Parents

    Mr & Mrs Reddi
    (Vaishnavi's parents)

    I wish to congratulate Saveus for the wonderful way in which they conducted a national level event with utmost ease. As a parent, I was quite skeptical leaving my 10-year-old daughter in the hands of total strangers. These apprehensions were dispelled the moment I met Saevus team members at the Mumbai airport. Coming to the event itself, it was classy from the word Go. The concept of the whole event is quite admirable and Vaishnavi enjoyed herself thoroughly.

    Manish & Komal PanchalĀ 
    (Krupal's parents)

    It was a pleasant experience for us, as our child comes to learn of the majestic animals of India and enhance her knowledge.

    Anita Sharma

    (Anuvrat's mother)

    Anuvrat has been narrating his experiences to his friends and relatives and the hands-on understanding of peaceful coexistence of nature (flora and fauna) would definitely make him a better person.

    Banu Kannan

    (Vandhana's mother)

    We are extremely pleased with the initiatives taken by Saevus to motivate the future generation towards environmental awareness. Vandhana has gained a lot of experience and knowledge from this programme and this trip has certainly been one of her lifetime's lessons that will help shape her personality.

    Lalit Grover
    (Kritika's father)

    I would like to congratulate the entire team of Saevus for the success of Earn Your Stripes. The entire competition was meticulously planned and very well organised. My daughter Kritika enjoyed the trip and considers this experience to be immensely valuable.

    Sunil Khatri
    (Somya's father)

    Thanks Saevus for giving the opportunity to my daughter. We were happy with the arrangements and definitely would like to continue and increase our relationship with Saevus.

    Sangeeta Singhal
    (Arti's mother)

    Saevus has done a commendable task by creating awareness among the children by conducting this unique competition.