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Saevus Wildlife India LLP
Contact: for general, gallery membership related and magazine related queries and for school programme related queries.

  • Testimonials - CBSE Director

    Dr. Sadhana Parashar, Professor & Director,
    (Academics, Research, Training and Innovation), CBSE, New Delhi

    CBSE's association with SAEVUS magazine has been an enriching and fruitful journey, not just in terms of creating awareness about the precarious state of our magnificent tigers, but also in seeing so many young and talented children participate wholeheartedly and give their best to a cause they believe in. The 14,000 plus CBSE schools across the country and the globe, displayed an overwhelming response to the event, and students from all over came together to make Global Tiger Day a success and bring back the spotlight on the conservation of an important umbrella species.

    Held in three rounds, the Global Tiger Day event reached its rightful finale in wild Ranthambhore, where young warriors experienced the joy of seeing the majestic animals in their natural habitat, besides showcasing their talents through cultural programmes and intermingling with wildlife experts and forest officers. The entire journey through a well-crafted process has been extremely enriching for young children.

    The Tiger Warrior trophy awarded to all participating schools to mark the success of the event shall stand as testimony to the growing need for creating awareness among the youth, as well as a reminder of the immense and positive potential within children, who carry on their young shoulders, the promise of creating a better world.