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  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How do I log in to take the Olympiad exam?
    Ans: Go to your registered email and open the email received from Townscript/Saevus Eco Achievers. Note down your Ticket number.
    Click on the exam page link to login to your exam page. The User id will be your Ticket number and the password will be your 10-digit Mobile number you shared when you registered for the exam on Townscript.

    2. How will I get the exam link to attempt the exam?
    Ans: Exam link will be mailed to you two days before the exam.

    3. Will I get three different links for three attempts?
    Ans: No, there will be only one exam link that will be mailed to you. The process is identical for all three attempts. You have to click the exam link and will be directed to our Exam partner’s website. There you have to log in using our user id and password received over mail. Once you log in, the active test for that time window (first/second/third) will be visible to you.

    4. What are the exam dates?
    Ans: Examination dates are as below:
    First Attempt: August 13 to August 15
    Second Attempt: August 21st and August 22nd
    Third Attempt: August 28th and August 29th

    Candidates can take the exam on any one the dates between 8 am and 8 pm.

    5. I have registered for one attempt. What are my exam dates?
    Ans: Candidates who have selected one attempt will be able to attempt their test between August 13 to August 15. Candidate can choose any time slot between 8 am and 8 pm on these dates.

    6. I have registered for two attempts. What are my exam dates?
    Ans: Candidates who have selected two attempts can take their First Attempt between August 13 to August 15 and Second Attempt on August 21st or August 22nd. Candidate can choose any time slot between 8 am and 8 pm on these dates.

    7. I have registered for three attempts. What are my exam dates?
    Ans: Candidates who have selected three attempts can take their First Attempt between August 13 to August 15, Second Attempt on August 21st or August 22nd and Third Attempt on August 28th or August 29th.

    8. Can I take the test anytime during the window given? Will a time be allotted to me by Saevus?
    Ans: The test window will be open between 8 am to 8 pm on the given dates. You can choose your convenient slot to attempt the tests. No specific time will be allotted by Saevus. However, you have to stick to the stated window for a particular attempt ie first, second and third.

    9. Do I need to inform Saevus on when I will attempt the tests?
    Ans: No, you do not need to inform Saevus when you wish to take the test. You can login anytime within the given window and take the test using the exam link.

    10. If I miss giving the first attempt during the first attempt window, can I give both first and second attempts during the second window? Or do something similar for any missed attempt?
    Ans: No, the first attempt test will get active on August 13 and get de-activated after August 15. You cannot appear for it any time after that. Similarly, for second and third attempts. You can appear for the second attempt also only during the second attempt window. Same is true for third attempt also.
    Once you have missed one attempt window, you cannot appear for that test in any other window.

    11. If I have registered for only one attempt and due to any reason, I cannot give my test during the window for first attempt, can I attempt the test during the second attempt window?
    Ans: No, you can appear only for a particular attempt only when the window for that test attempt is open. Attempt windows cannot be swapped or carried forward. If a candidate has registered for three attempts and does not log in during the first attempt window, he will only be left with two attempts and so on and so forth.

    12. I have not received the E-booklet for the Eco Achievers Olympiad.
    Ans: The E-Booklet will be mailed to you within a week of your registration. If you do not receive the same, contact your school coordinator or write to us at

    13. I have paid INR 150. I don’t know which attempt it is.
    Ans:If you have paid INR 150, you have enrolled for one attempt which is will held on First Attempt dates. If you have paid INR 225 plus GST, you have enrolled for first and second attempts. If you have paid INR 300 plus GST, you have enrolled for first, second and third attempts.

    14. What are the discounts applicable during registration?
    Ans: Following discounts can be availed of during registration. No two discounts can be clubbed:
    > Code: EARLYBIRD: 15% Discount on registration for limited number of candidates before June 30.
    > Code: GROUP: 15% Discount on registration valid for group registrations between 30 and 99.

    15. What will be the format of the test?
    Ans: The format of all attempts will be identical.
    • The test will have a single round.
    • Test duration will be 45 minutes.
    • Time for taking the test will be monitored.
    • The test will entail 50 Multiple Choice Questions each with four options.
    • Each test will be a randomly selected set of questions from a question bank.
    • Each question will carry 3 marks for a correct answer.
    • Total maximum score of each exam is 150 marks.
    • There will be negative marking and 1 mark will be deducted for every wrong answer.
    • If a question is left un-attempted, it will be awarded 0 marks.

    16. Is there any specification of the smart phone recommended?
    Ans: All Android smart phones are supported. We have seen problems sometimes while using iPhones etc., so would recommend NOT to use any iOS devices like iPhones, MACs, IPad etc.

    17. What are the settings to be done before exam?
    Ans: - Install latest version of Google Chrome Browser (You need to install before the exam)
    - Turn Off notifications from apps and pop-ups in the browser

    18. Can students make or receive phone calls during the exam?
    Ans: Any incoming or outgoing call would be considered as a violation. If the violation exceeds the set limit, students will be terminated from the exam.

    19. Can students use any other application or receive notifications during exam?
    Ans: All notifications will be considered as violation, so it SHOULD be kept off. If the violation exceeds the limit, students will be terminated from the exam.

    20. If my internet connectivity is not good, what will happen?
    Ans: The student may still be able to appear for the exam, but many advanced features may not work. Students need to appear from a place where there is a good connectivity. We suggest that the student has 1 GB data before start of the exam to have an excellent exam experience.

    21. What actions cause system warnings/ terminations during the exam?
    Ans: System warnings are shown to the student, when
    - The student switches the window and moves to another application
    - The student receives or makes any phone calls
    - Receive notifications on mobile device from other apps like WhatsApp etc.
    - Pop-Ups from the browser, including antivirus popups, grammar apps, news popups open.
    - Ctr Alt & F5 key and browser refresh button are used while attending exam
    - Minimizing browser window can also terminate your exam.
    - All applications on the device must be closed before starting the exam
    So request you to disable all notifications and browser popups before start of exam.

    22. If the online exam gets stuck during the exam, what should I do?
    Ans: Students can restart their device and login with the same credentials.

    23. If am not able to log into the exam application, what should I do?
    Ans: In case you face any issue in opening the link, please do the following - right click on exam page link> select copy link option > then open chrome browser > and paste the link there to load the page
    In case you don’t receive the ticket details, please check your spam folder once. Else, please contact your coordinator or write to us at

    24. I have updated the Chrome browser but am still facing a problem accessing the exam system. What should I do?
    Ans: If any student faces issues on Updated Chrome browser, then please try once with Updated Mozilla Firefox browser.

    25. Can I use office laptops for taking the exams?
    Ans: Office laptops sometimes have restrictions and will not allow access of all sites. So, it needs to be avoided or tested in advance for compatibility.

    26. On what basis will top rankers be declared?
    Ans: Ranks will be determined for Top 10 students in each standard on the following basis:
    • Standard-wise winners based on a ranking system will be declared. Only ranks for Top 10 winners will be declared.
    • In the case of a tie of scores between two or more candidates, the following sequence will be followed:
      > The candidate completing the test faster will be given a higher rank.
      > In case of a tie in scores and timing, the candidate with less number of wrong questions (negative marking) will be chosen.
      > In case of a tie in all of the above, there will be an online personal interview to break the tie.
      >In case the management feels the need, personal interviews may be conducted before declaration of ranks. These will be held publically.

    27. What are the Certificates and prizes that will be awarded?
    Ans: Following certificates and prizes will be awarded:
    E-Certificates (To be sent by mail)
      • Participation certificate for every candidate
      • National Top 10 certificate for Ranks 4 to 10 (Standard-wise)
      • National Second Runner up certificate for Rank 3(Standard-wise)
      • National First Runner up certificate for Rank 2(Standard-wise)
      • National Winner certificate for Rank 1(Standard-wise)
      • Gold certificate for candidates scoring 80 percentiles or above
        (Score of best attempt, given Standard-wise)
      • Silver certificate for candidates scoring 70 percentiles or above
        (Score of best attempt, given Standard-wise)
      • Bronze certificate for candidates scoring 60 percentiles or above
        (Score of best attempt, given Standard-wise)

    Cash prizes and Book prizes will also be given for commendable performances.

    28. In case of multiple attempts, which score will be considered?
    Ans: Highest score among all the attempts will be considered.

    29. What is the qualifying score to be eligible for any prize/rank?
    Ans: Qualifying score to be eligible for any prize/rank: 75 out of 150

    30. By when will results be declared and certificates sent across by email?
    Ans: Important dates are given below:
             • Participation E-certificates (To be sent by mail): By October 31st
             • Rank declaration (To be intimated by e-mail): By October 15th
             • Winners E-certificates (To be sent by e-mail): By October 15th

    31. I have some query on my score/result. Whom can I contact?
    Ans: This is a fully computerised examination. So, no manual changes/corrections to scores/ranks can be done. We will only entertain queries related to technical/administrative issues. For any such query, you may drop in a mail to within one week of appearing for the exam. Post exam telephonic/SMS or WhatsApp queries regarding results or otherwise will not be responded to.

    32. Will my school be informed about my result?
    Ans: For all rankers/ high achievers, school will be intimated of the student’s performance.